Dear moon sorry if am cold

Dear moon
Today you have a bright
Special draining light
But just like us
Your strength may turn to dust
Times you are strong
But not all the way along
Sorry if am cold
You remind me of the people of this world
They all got something to hide
Deep within their dark side
But there is only one side they show
To both friend and foe
So that side that we saw
Is only what they want us to know
Sorry if am cold
You remind me of the people of this world
The legend says your bright turn humans to wolves
That’s true also in our world
Once someone bright
All others want a bite
Sorry if am cold
You remind me of the people of this world
You are like a lot of people
But we are not the same we ain’t equal
Sorry if am cold
But am not like you moon
I don’t reflect the light of someone
Most of people do
Just like you
For me I rather stay in my weakness alone
If I can’t build up a strength of my own
Enjoy your strength moon
It may be gone so soon

Life more thrilling

My plan for future
What is it?
What’s my dream?
And where is it?
Still can’t tell
A shame is it?
This killed my will
And my hard work with it
But let’s take a look
At what our ancestors took
They didn’t take anything
Of the things that for we are living
Is that why failure around me is spinning
So what’s success and what’s the winning
I must answer myself to close this filling
Then maybe I’ll see life more thrilling
Once am there i am willing

The forgotten album

And now you are neglected
As an old favourite song for some
But you no longer give what you used to give before
As if you were a past mistake
Or just needed in a phase
And now you are brought In only in shuffles by chance
Or seasonally by very specific needs only for a glance
Even you might be skipped by encountered without previous plans

You are in the forgotten albums
Left there playing by yourself
The old shitty routine
Oh that shitty routine
You felt proud when it got them addicted
You felt the pleasure when it got them feel what’s intended
It wasn’t even a routine
Every play you did and replayed had significance
Now who would hear you?
You are not created in a way to use
You are created to be used
A one irreversible path
That would render you abused
The song can’t get out of where it is
The song can’t call anyone when it needs
The song is trapped in a magical place
To be reached but not to reach any

emotional storm is the new norm

how can one survive the difficulty of being in distress? how can one deal with overwhelming sadness? how can one free their soul from sorrow? how can one save their body from the painful side effects? how can one simply calm the tempest of their feelings?

the only question that matters is: “how to live with it all?” not how to get rid of it, as there’s no escape. and darling, i’m deeply sorry to inform you that emotional storm is your new norm.